Morningside Park Community Survey
Help enhance Morningside Park. This survey will take less than 5 minutes and your responses will help us better understand AND serve our community. All responses will remain confidential. THANK YOU!
How often do you visit Morningside Park? *
What words would you use to describe Morningside Park? *
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What do you do at Morningside Park or what did you do prior to social-distancing rules? (select all that apply) *
Once social distancing rules are lifted, what would encourage you to visit Morningside Park more often? (select all that apply) *
How aware are you of efforts to change or improve Morningside Park? *
In general, do you believe Morningside Park is in need of improvements?
When you think about potential improvements to the park, what areas are most important to you? (check all that apply) *
[OPTIONAL] If you visit other NYC parks regularly, please tell us why. (i.e. closer to home, more/different activities offered, perceived to be safer, etc.)
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13. How familiar are you with the organization Friends of Morningside Park? *
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On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely would you be to recommend Morningside Park to a neighbor? *
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Definitely WOULD recommend
What other suggestions, recommendations, or feedback do you have for improving Morningside Park? Please be specific in terms of physical improvements, activities and/or programs.
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