Grease & Grind application

Call out to artist looking to test interactive work! This time with a late twist…

From the creators of ‘The Mechanics Shop’ comes a new kind of test night… We are setting up a night for testing work that needs an audience to live. A night that is truly LIVE.

Do you have a game, bit of theatre, LARP, drag act, dance, ritual ,seminar or anything that requires an audience in order for it to develop?

Now is your chance to get that idea up and playing with a dedicated, critical and supportive audience.

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What is the Mechanic being tested? Why will it help your idea to test how you engage an audience? (250 words)
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How many people will be able to experience this idea at one time? (X-Y)
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Will this idea be able to be tested in 15 minuits? If not they how long will you need and why?
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