22 with Tess
A fun FALL/WINTER CHALLENGE designed for the busy parent, educator, essential worker, and anyone who needs a quick BOOST to fall into balance, health, and wellness. All you need is 22 minutes.

Catch the BLACK FRIDAY SALE ~ Purchase the 22 Minute, Five Class Package with Tess and receive ONE Month of Live Streaming Classes for FREE. Black Friday offer is only available from November 17-30, 2020. One Month Live Streaming Classes is valid from December 1st-31st. No exceptions. No refunds and no transfers. For Individual use only.

*One Accountability Zoom chats with the group for connection and inspiration purposes.
*Five ~ video recordings:
*Stability Ball & Weights Workout
*Loop Band Workout
*Resistance & Loop Band Workout
*Stability Ball Class for Low Back Pain Relief
*Slow FLOW Yoga Class

These videos recordings are 22 minutes each. Choose which ever works for you. They are meant for On-Demand use when you are ready for a resistance challenge, a good slow flow class, or back relief with a stability ball.

Gear to purchase ~ (not included in the package):
*Resistance band set with handles and door anchor
*Loop bands set
*Stability Ball (knee height is a good way to measure the size)
*3-5 pound weights
*Yoga mat
*Running shoes

It is important to meet yourself where you are. "The journey of a thousand miles began with one step" ~ Lao Tzu
Summary of Each Recording
STABILITY BALL & WEIGHTS Class: Exercise is like medicine. All you need is 22 minutes to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. This full body workout has all you need to jump start your day or unwind after a long workday.

RESISTANCE BAND Workout: This 22 minute total body practice is focused on using the resistance band. These bands are a game changer! We will tone and build at the same time. It's an intense practice as we move through 2 sets of 10. There is much variety here as we move quickly from set to set.

LOOP BAND Workout: In this 22 minute ABDOMINAL and LEGS workout session, we challenge our endurance, move to our edges, and progress further towards our goals, and mind body wellness. The lighter the loop the easier. The thicker, heavier loop, the harder the practice. Choose what works for you and use what you have.

STABILITY BALL for Low Back Pain RELIEF: The stability ball is a must for your home practice. This exercise equipment is designed to strengthen the back and core muscles, stabilize the hips, pelvis, and spinal cord. All you need is 22 minutes.

SLOW FLOW YOGA Class: This slow flow practice has everything you need, anytime of the day. Wake up and start your day with this practice, a mid-afternoon energy booster, or a slow flow after a long day at work. This practice is great if you sit for long periods. No equipment needed. All you need is 22 minutes.
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