Volunteer Connection Podcast: NEW LEADER PANEL APPLICATION
Are you a brand new leader? As in, is this your first year?

We want to hear from you!

Our goal is to get a panel of 3 or 4 first year volunteers from different councils across the country to talk about their experiences.

If you're interested in just doing a standard biography style interview one-on-one instead, use this form: https://goo.gl/forms/U23kwhND0x0nFdc72
If you're looking for the Girl Interest form to talk about cookies or high awards, use this form: https://goo.gl/forms/cHrGfaviybsNmCfo1

If you are interested in applying to be on the panel, review the information below in its entirety, and then answer a few simple questions. If you are selected to be part of the panel, we will reach out to you for scheduling!

Unfortunately we do have limited space for this panel, BUT if we have enough interest, we may schedule more than one! Or, we may reach out to you to invite you to be part of a different discussion in the future.
Here's what you need to know before you submit the form:
Panel discussions are anticipated to be about 30-40 minutes - no longer than 40 minutes. Because there are multiple voices on the call, you will want to make sure your answers are succinct and to the point. It will help to review this form carefully and prepare some responses ahead of time.

Interviews are conducted on Zoom, a conference call software. They are recorded. It is your choice whether or not to turn on the camera function to have your video recorded as well, or if you just want the screen to say your name. You can access Zoom from your phone or your computer, but you will have to download the client in order to run it.

When we schedule the interview, we will send you a Zoom link. If you've never used Zoom before, you'll want to try to access the link about 5 minutes prior to your scheduled call time in case you need to download anything to get it running.
Questions to Prepare For
Here is a list of the questions that we might ask... most likely, we won't have time to talk about all of them, but you should be prepared to answer everything listed below just in case. Think about thoughtful, funny, and endearing stories that answer the different questions.

- Introduction: who are you, where are you from/what council, how long ago did you start your troop, what grade level(s) are you working with, and what size is your troop?

- Why did you get involved as a volunteer? How were you recruited?

- What are you most excited about as part of the Girl Scout Volunteer Experience?

- What gives you the most anxiety or makes you the most nervous about the Girl Scout Volunteer Experience?

- How would you describe your onboarding and training process?

- What did your girl recruitment process look like?

- How has your council supported you as a new troop leader?

- What resources have you found that have been a lot of help? (Could be Girl Scout training, a blog or website, pinterest, a Facebook Group, the Volunteer Toolkit, etc.)

- Did you have a parents meeting? What went in to planning it and how did it go?

- What was your first meeting like? What went in to planning it and how did it go?

- What has been the biggest surprise so far? What were you least prepared for so far?

- What has been the most overwhelming so far?

- If you could go back and talk to yourself before you started your troop, what would you want to say?

- What advice do you have for other new troop leaders or for other adults who are considering starting a troop?

- What is the thing you most wish was available to you to support you in starting your troop that you haven't really had?
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When did you start your troop? *
Why did you choose to sign up as a Troop Leader? *
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