Budget 2020 Survey: The mood of the nation
As February 1 draws near, hope and fear make for a complex interplay in a nation caught in the worst downturn in recent memory. Will the FM deliver? Take this survey. Tell us what you think...
1. What is the one move that can make Budget 2020 a super hit?
2. What is the biggest factor holding the economy back in Modi's 2nd stint?
3. Which could be the best budgetary option to get a grip on fiscal deficit?
4. What should FM Sitharaman prioritise this time, above all else?
5. What has been the biggest dampener under Modi Govt 2.0?
6. Is it time India accepted that around 5% GDP growth is the new normal?
7. Is there any hope left for a quick turnaround of the economy?
8. What are the chances of hitting the $5-trillion goal in 5 years?
9. What in your view should this budget's main focus be?
10. What is the step that Budget 2020 must not take?
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