2018 June Faire Land Registration
DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REGISTER FOR SINGLE TENT SPACE, as we always have room for small camp space!

This is for registering for land in excess of 625 square feet (a 25x25 foot space).

You will receive a link after submitting your reserve large camp space to ensure you submit a pre-registration if you have not already done so.

Land will not be granted to groups who have not pre-registered

June 1st through June 3rd, 2018
Norseland - Bremerton Airport
8707 SW Sentinel Peak Way
Bremerton, WA 98312
Contact us at

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Approximate Number of people attending *
This will be verified through pre-registration. If fewer than anticipated are attending you may be asked to reduce your camp size to allow for more people to camp. If you have more registered than you listed someone will contact you to verify size needs.
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Accommodations *
What accommodations, if any, do you need for someone in your encampment? Please understand that we cannot guarantee any accommodations, but will do our best to meet your needs. You may select more than 1 and add your own if needed.
Camp Area *
Location Request: We try to provide ample opportunity for camping within general camping. We however ask that if you plan to host parties into the late night/early hours of morning, that you request land in the Lower Tier. Any party with excess noise, such as drumming, loud music, and crowds, will be asked to shut down at Midnight on the Middle Tier, as per City of Bremerton requirements. Non Compliance will result in actions by the Event Team to shut down the party unless city intervention is required.
Space Requirements
We will do our best to accommodate your size needs.

This is Length and Width in Feet, if you cannot figure out your size, but know how much square feet you need please select OTHER under each menu and list your square feet below.

Please do not reserve massive amounts of open land space for "play areas" in your camp, a gathering area is fine, but a 100 foot by 30 foot or 50 foot by 50 foot or any combination of over-sized space used as an open field is not, as it limits our ability to grant space to other people attending.

Anyone found to have a large open space will have people placed within it as part of general open camping.

Large groups will be asked to cinch in as needed by the camp team and event stewards.

Approximate number of Tents, day shades, and kitchen tents. *
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Total Length Requested in Feet *
Total Width Requested in Feet *
Additional Info
If you selected other please indicate what you need below.
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Camp Near
I would like to camp near the following groups if they are attending, also list if your household is camping with in a specific baronial encampment (example: The Cretan Archers is the group registering, below they listed In Dragon's Laire)
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Camp Away From
Do Not put me near the following groups if they are attending:
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Other Relevant Information
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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