We are really excited you are signing up! Any questions don't hesitate to email us:
Phone Number
Post Code
Email Address
What School are you attached to (you don't have to be attached to a school)
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Are you prepared to be part of a rota system
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Patrols take place twice a day in Enfield Town from Monday to Friday in term times. Lunch time is 12.45 - 2.15pm and After school is 3.15 - 4.30pm. Is this ok with you?
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Are you happy for Love Your Doorstep & Partners involved in the scheme to email you and pass on your details only for means of communicating (your data will no be shared for any other purpose)
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Do you have a current DBS? (if you don't its not a problem, we will arrange one for you if you decide you like to patrol)
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If you have a DBS can we have the number
DBS Date of issue
Have you done First Aid training (if you haven't, do not worry we do arrange this)
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Date of First Aid training
Have you done any safe guarding training (again do not worry we will arrange this if you haven't. This is a mandatory part of being in the patrol)
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Date of Safeguarding training
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Are you ok for us to use photos for marketing and on social media?
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Do you have any disabilities we need to be aware of.
Do you have any allergies
Next of Kin Name
Next of Kin Phone number
What is your relationship with next of kin
We will invite you to do a patrol with us. If you enjoy it we will ask you to sign a "Code of Conduct & "Child Protection Policy". Are you happy with this?
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