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Free delivery area is within 35 miles from Iowa City and includes Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, West Branch, Kalona, Riverside, Wellman, and Washington.
Pickup or delivery notes
We raise the beef with no artificial hormones or implants. The cattle are fed a balanced diet that includes non-GMO grain and hay raised on our farm. Antibiotics are used on our farm under the direction of our veterinarian, as needed for management of disease. No antibiotics are used in at least the last 6 months prior to slaughter. Packaged and labeled at Bud's in Riverside, under Iowa inspection.
Packaged Beef Prices
Steaks- About 1 inch thick, single steak per pack (Please state your size preference)
Sirloin 0.8-1.5 lb $10.50/lb
NY Strip 0.4-0.8 lb $12/lb
Ribeye 0.5-0.8 lb $12.75/lb
T-bone .9-1.5 lb $13.75/lb
Filet Mignon 0.4-0.9 lb $17.75/lb (Beef Tenderloin)
Filet, unsliced 2-5 lb $16/lb (Beef Tenderloin)
Flat Iron 0.65-1.3 lb $9/lb -indicate "half"(0.6-0.8lb) or "whole" (1-1.3 lb)
Flank 1-3 lb $9/lb
Skirt 1-3 lb $9/lb
Fajita-Cut Skirt 1 lb $9.25/lb

Tenderized Minute Steak 2 or 4/pack $6.25/lb

Chuck 2.5-4 lb $6/lb
Rump Avg 3 lb $6/lb
Arm Avg 3 lb $6/lb
Tri-Tip 1.5-3 lb $11/lb

Ground Beef 1 lb packs $6/lb OR $5.50/lb for 10+ lb

Beef Burger Patties- 1/4 lb patties- $6.75/pack of 4
Beef Burger Patties- 1/3 lb patties- $8.75/pack of 4

Brisket 8-11 lb $6/lb 4 available

Stew Beef (cubed) 1 lb $6.50/lb

Short Ribs 3-4.5 lb $5/lb

Processed Beef Specialty Items
Beef Sticks 8 sticks/pack $11
Beef Jerky 0.3 lb pack $11
All Beef "Bohemian Wieners" 4/pack $7
Beef Ring Bologna 1 ring $7
"Dried Beef" 0.9-1 lb/pack $11 Sliced, Smoked, Cured

NEW!!! Beef Bacon- 0.9-1 lb $11/pack Sliced, Smoked, Cured

Oxtail 2-4 lb $5/lb
Heart 3-5 lb $5/lb
Tongue 2.5-4.5 lb $5/lb 3 available
Kidney 1-2 lb $5/lb 4 available
Liver Avg 1 lb $3/lb
Soup Bones 2-3 lb $2/lb
Marrow Bones 5-7 lb $2/lb
NEW! Beef Fat 3-5 lb $2/lb raw, unrefined
Which cuts would you like? How many? Size preference?
Bundle Options
Bundle A: $35
"Small and Simple"

1 lb Fajita Beef
1 lb Stew Beef
1 lb Ground Beef
2 Ribeye Steaks

4.2 pounds total


Bundle B: $50
"Half a Dozen Delicious Things!"

1 pack each:

Beef Sticks
Beef Jerky
Beef Bacon
Beef Ring Bologna
Beef “Bohemian Wieners”
Dried Beef

4.5 pounds total


Bundle C: $60
"Steak Sampler"

One steak of each:

NY Strip
T- Bone
Filet Mignon
Flat Iron

5.25 pounds total


Bundle D: $100
"For The Grill"

2 Sirloin Steaks
4 Ribeye Steaks
4 NY Steaks
4 “Bohemian Weiner” all-beef hot dogs
8 quarter pound burgers

10 pounds total


Bundle E: $200
"A Bit of Beef"

10 lb ground beef
8 burgers
4 ribeye steaks
4 NY Strip steaks
2 sirloin steaks
2 packs stew meat
2 chuck roasts
1 arm roast
1 pack short ribs

optional bonuses:
2 pack liver
2 pack soup bones

32 pounds total (plus bonuses)


Bundle F: $400
70 Pounds of Beef
Select your own cuts!

Select 10 pounds of steaks (selections subject to availability):
NY strip
Skirt or Flank Steak

Tell us how you want 60 pounds of beef divided between these cuts (subject to availability):
Ground Beef, Beef Burgers, Chuck/Arm Roast, Short Ribs, Brisket, Minute Steak, Stew Meat, Soup Bones, Liver
Order your Bundle Here!
Comments about bundle selection
Heirloom Black Turtle Beans, grown on our farm, without chemicals. $3.50/lb.
Captionless Image
Chicken, frozen, whole, 3-6 lb each $5/lb. Raised with organic practices by our friends at Echo Dell Farm, Kalona, IA. Please specify number of whole chickens, and if you prefer smaller or larger chickens
Cooking instructions:Thaw chicken in refrigerator. Cover the bottom of baking dish with water. Remove the giblets, if present, and place chicken breast down in baking dish. Bake at 325 degrees for 25-30 minutes per pound.
Captionless Image
Interested in 1/4 beef?
Yes! We have slots open for 1/4, 1/2, and Whole Beef.

Because the shares are handled very differently than the packaged beef, please follow these links to learn more:

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Craig 319-430-4215

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