Cambentrepreneurs Speaker Nomination Form
This form is for people who want to speak at Cambentrepreneurs to nominate themselves, or for someone to nominate a speaker

The idea is for the speaker to give a short talk 10 minutes
who they are
what they do
share lessons they have learned
give advice for Alumni or Students starting a business

We don't pay expenses but may buy you a beer or soft drink (or two :-)

Richard Lucas and Cambentrepreneurs Team

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Our goals, purpose and values

How to set up a local branch

Goals of Cambentrepreneurs

1 Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are our top priority. We recognise the role of investors, professional service providers, the alumni office, speakers, sponsors, venues and partners. Sometimes there is a need to compromise, but Entrepreneurs come first.

2 We aim to bring together positive minded Cambridge alumni and others ​who want to work together to support enterprise, whether as entrepreneurs, investors or service

3. Cambentrepreneurs wants to inspire and assist its members to start, grow, invest in, buy and sell outstanding
businesses ​by providing a structure that allows them to share their knowledge, experience and networks.

4 We aim to support entrepreneurship outside our organisation​, whether with entrepreneurship support societies
among current students, or in partnership with external organisations and individuals.

5. We want to broaden and deepen the Cambridge alumni network of entrepreneurs ​and others.

6 We want to highlight and spread the word about the entrepreneurial successes of Cambridge Alumni​, and
encourage others to either support or emulate them.
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