Mākua Distance Learning Survey (Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo)
Please complete the following survey this will help us to keep our program relevant and student focused.
How many keiki do you have at Ka ʻUmeke *
In what grades are your keiki (please check all that apply) *
How often is/are your keiki participating in live distance learning instruction with their kumu and fellow haumāna? *
The tech equipment provided by the school is adequate for our ʻohanaʻs distance learning needs. *
My keiki is (are) engaged in the distance learning being provided by his/her kumu? *
Our ʻohana regularly visits Ka ʻUmekeʻs facebook page for information and updates. *
Our ʻohana regularly visits Ka ʻUmekeʻs website at www.kaumeke.org for information and updates. *
I am satisfied with the distance learning program currently being provided by my keikiʻs kumu. *
In consideration of the current Covid-19 climate in Hawaiʻi and specifically on Hawaiʻi Island please select the instructional method that you would prefer for your haumāna/ʻohana in Q2 (Oct 12-Dec 18 2020)
Clear selection
Please share with us some positive experiences you have encountered during this distance learning time.
Please share with us some challenges or concerns with the current and potential ongoing distance learning program.
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