Levels of Precinct Development
The DCDP Training Team developed this questionnaire to ensure our Precinct Leaders have access to appropriate training sessions. This questionnaire and the objectives of our training sessions are linked to content in the DCDP Precinct Chair Training Manual (http://tiny.cc/naoyny). Take a look at the indicators of each precinct development level here: http://tiny.cc/due7ny
In what precinct are you?
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Is the Precinct Chair/Vice Chair accessible to other precinct members who have questions?
Does your precinct maintain a volunteer list?
How many CEC mtgs per year does your Precinct Chair and/or Vice Chair attend (or send a proxy to).
Does your precinct send any communications out to other democrats in your precinct who are not on your precinct's leadership team?
Will your precinct have poll greeters w/ materials on Election Day?
How many people are in your Precinct Team (include Precinct Officers, Block Captains, and any other Precinct Leaders)
How many turfs are cut and walked in your precinct per year?
In addition to the Annual Precinct Meeting, how many other precinct meetings are hosted per year?
Does someone from your Precinct post (and retrieve) "Vote Today" signs on Election Day?
Does your Precinct plan and execute voter contacts?
Does your precinct send regular communications to other precinct members?
Does your precinct welcome new residents w/ voting info?
Does your precinct provide volunteers for DCDP activities?
Is a system in place to regularly survey precinct members on what they want?
Does your precinct establish for itself measurable goals that can be reached within a set time period?
Does your precinct use the Data Team & return data on time?
From your precinct's phone-banks, how many calls are attempted per month?
Does your precinct chair have a succession plan?
What's your block captain situation like?
Does your precinct meet the goals it sets for itself?
How many voter education and/or fundraiser events does your precinct co-host or host per year?
How many socials does your Precinct host/co-host per year?
Does your Precinct Team support the development of other precinct teams in Durham?
How many service projects does your precinct co-host or host per year?
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