Qabeelat Salaam Board Application
Qabeelat Salaam is looking for talented professionals to help us build our organization into a strong and professional team to serve the southeast region and beyond where the entire community can benefit from.

Our Mission
Qabeelat Salaam strives to be an organization that serves as the heart of the Islamic youth involvement in the Atlanta Community. All are welcome irrespective of religion, race, and ethnicity. We are an organization that wants to provide a conducive, enjoyable and comfortable learning environment for students. We also would like to provide access to quality Islamic education through engaging weekend seminars taught by highly knowledgeable scholars. The goal is not to create scholars, but rather well-rounded individuals. Our goal is for all students to comprehend the knowledge provided to them and use it to better themselves, serve their communities with knowledge and continue to further their education in Islam.

Upon submission, applicants may be contacted by the Ameership for a short phone or in person interview.

Positions MAY be filled on a rolling basis so be sure to apply fast!

Click the following link to see our description of each position:

The positions are laid into the following 6 departments, each with varying leadership roles:
| Finance | Operations | Marketing | Hospitality | Registration | Academics

If you have any questions, please email us at

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