Adult Learn to Swim Volunteers

Volunteer to teach adults how to swim with Palm Beach Masters in 2020!  Revised dates will be determined soon for 2020.

Group lessons will consist of our masters swimmers, who are either ALTS Certified Instructors or helpers, being partnered in the water with 1-2 adults who are learning to swim.  At least one ALTS Certified Instructor and/or PBM Coach will be in charge on deck during the lessons and will oversee the session.

Sessions will be offered in the mornings and the evenings at both the North County Pool in Jupiter and the Aqua Crest Pool in Delray Beach.   Sessions will consist of six 45 minute lessons.  Sessions will be offered 2 days per week for 3 weeks.  

Prior to starting, we will hold a 2-hour training session for everyone.  This will be a good review for those of you that are a certified USMS ALTS Instructor and very informative for those of you who are not.

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If you sign-up for a session, we hope you can commit to be at all 6 lessons, or at least at most.  Please comment below if you have known conflicts on specific dates.
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