McGill Employee Email Access Issues
If you do not have a McGill employee email ( or if you are having significant issues with this email account, please let us know by filling out the form below with your student email ( and answering the questions.

For some reason, many new and returning TAs were not given an employee email at the point of hire and this is presenting issues to access Workday as well as the TA Zoom Pro account.

To check whether you have your employee email, go to Minerva > Personal Menu > Password for McGill Username. If there is no email there, you do not have a McGill employee email account activated.

Please fill this form out even if you have reached out to us before. Due to the volume of emails we are receiving, we want to ensure that your concerns are addressed.

Please note we will be sharing the non-confidential email information we collect with McGill Human Resources. By filling out the form you agree to us sharing your email and any generalized employee email access issues with Human Resources. AGSEM has informed HR of the broad issues and we are working together to find a solution for you.

We will never share your confidential information with McGill without your permission, and we will anonymize any complaints that can be addressed at the level of Labour Relations, as necessary. We will follow up with you individually, as needed, to address any outstanding concerns.
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If yes, are you having difficulty using your McGill employee email account to sign into Workday and/or Zoom pro?
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Please use the space below to let us know any additional information or issues you are encountering with your employee email, Workday, or Zoom Pro. Please note, this information *will not* be shared with McGill HR without your permission (we will follow up with you to help resolve any additional complaints), or will be anonymized, as necessary.
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