Camp Ten Trees 2017 Summer Camp Staff Hiring Group Application
This year, staff hiring & placement for our summer sessions will be done by a group of dedicated volunteers. This will involve a big commitment of time & energy for those in the group. You will be given interview questions to use, a schedule/timeline, and other materials that will help make the process clear and successful.

You do not have to live in Seattle or be current camp staff to be a part of this group, though experience at our summer camp would be beneficial. Please fill out the questions below before March 10th if you would like to help us with this process!

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This process will involve going through around 100 volunteer applications (there are only 2 'short essay' questions on each one), interviewing applicants (with 2-3 group members at each interview), and working with the group to make hiring and role choices. It will take several months, all together, and require a lot of communication with the group. Do you think you have the time & energy to commit to this full process?
Have you ever been involved in a hiring process before, and/or worked in a managerial type position with other people?
If you said "yes" to Question 2, please tell us about your role in this situation and what the outcome was. (If you replied "no," you can leave this blank.)
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What skills or strengths do you think you could bring to this hiring group?
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In what way do you hold identities that have been underrepresented by those making volunteer staff hiring decisions in the last 6-ish years of camp? (since we moved from a hiring committee model to the Camp Director making hiring choices)
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Please indicate the types of interviews you would be comfortable conducting, with other group members (*We will work to meet any access needs you have around interviewing, but we do not want this to be a factor in selecting the hiring group.) :
Do you want to be a part of the CTT Volunteer Staff this summer?
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