I would like to volunteer to help CLARKE COUNTY GEORGIA spread the word about the critical nature of the runoff election. I realize the importance of making voters aware that there is a runoff, that it is during the holiday season, and that if we lose these critical runoffs the Democrats will not only control the U.S. House, they will also control the U.S. Senate, which is the only safeguard against a full fledged push toward Socialism and the out of control liberal agenda that will destroy our Constitutional Republic. I want to inform the voters of Clarke County of the following:

1. DISTRICT ATTORNEY RACE: The Democrat candidate for District Attorney (DA) has NEVER TRIED A CRIMINAL CASE, which is the job of the District Attorney! Deputy District Attorney JAMES CHAFIN has tried over 100 criminal cases. He is running as a Non-Partisan candidate because he will serve the judicial system with non-partisanship. It is imperative that we elect a candidate who supports law and order, supports the officers who bring criminals to justice, and a court systems that holds law breakers accountable.
2. GA SENATORIAL RACES: Republican Incumbent Senators DAVID PERDUE and KELLY LOEFFLER support the Trump free market, sovereign borders, the energy independent agenda of President Trump, and oppose the Democrat Socialist agenda of their opponents. The issue of law and order and the battle to preserve our nation from Socialism is on this runoff ballot. If Democrats win these senate seats, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will have devastating control both houses of government.
3. PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONER: We support incumbent Republican LAUREN "BUBBA" McDONALD for Public Service Commissioner and oppose the Democrat agenda of his opponent.
4. ABSENTEE BALLOTS: Because we are in the holiday season, many will fail to vote. It is critical that we help voters get their absentee ballots and get them into the elections office ASAP. Absentee Ballots in GA can be requested AND tracked at the MY VOTE PAGE GA (

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