SCORE Approval Designee Form
Thank you for filling out this form to help HQ Accounting to update our records. Who is designated to approve bills?

District Level: As a default District Directors approve chapter chair expenses and any expense taken against a district budget. They may designate their Assistant District Director or other individual to approve bills for them.

Chapter Level: Per the Chapter Accounting Policies and Procedures the Chapter Chair or Co-Chair approves all chapter expenses except his/her own expense report. The chapter chair may designate other chapter leadership to approve expenses, usually the Treasurer. Please use this form if your chapter chooses to designate another chapter leader and specify any limitations to their authority.
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Do you want the designee to be tied to the position to to a specific individual? (Designation continues with the position until cancelled by the Chair/Co-Chair; Designation of an individual ends when they leave SCORE) *
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