NOMAD.SPEAKEASY: foreign tutors for ukranian political migrants
Hey! This is a form for those who are willing to teach local languages ​​to political emigrants in a critical situation — free of charge.
Why all this?
Hundreds of thousands of people from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus are now forced to urgently flee to other countries, leaving literally everything — and — money. Unfortunately, English is not spoken everywhere. What is more, lots of those people dont's speak English or local languages themselves. As for the language courses, most of them are paid, which is now unaffordable for lots of political migrants. However, the language is an essential tool, badly needed for integration.

So we are loking for volunteers, who can teach foreign languages (via English)
There may or may not be a request for a lesson. The key point is that people know the do have a helping hand.

Even if you're only ready to spend an hour a week helping the others, that will make difference!

Leave your contact details below, and we will reach out to you soon. Thank you.
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What languages can you teach?
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What platform do you prefer to use? (Zoom, Video calls via Facebook, Skype  etc.) *
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Can we share your data online? (The database of volunteers will be published on the website and updated in real time, so that students could have free access to it and contact you directly) *
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