Stars / Saints Coaches Evaluation Form 2018 / 2019
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1. Evaluate the degree to which you believe your daughter achieved the following (check one):
My daughter had fun. *
Not at all
Very much
b) My daughter learned the fundamentals of hockey. *
Not at all
Very much
2. Evaluate the degree to which you believe your daughter changed on the following characteristics (check one):
a) Physical fitness
b) Learning to cooperate
c) Development of self-confidence
d) Desire to continue in hockey
e) Development of self-reliance
f) Learning of hockey specific skills
g) Learning leadership skills
h) Sportsmanship
i) Development of initiative
j) Learning to compete
3. How did the Coach do on the following items? (check one):
a) Treated your daughter fairly
b) Treated your daughter with respect
c) Encouraged your daughter
d) Recognized your daughter as a unique individual
e) Was well-organized for practices and games
f) Was effective in teaching hockey skills
g) Kept winning in perspective
h) Was the coach's public conduct at games acceptable?
i) Communicated with you
4. Please give any additional comments in the space below:
(Perhaps you have some constructive criticism or praise to offer).
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