Work From Home Tips (for
I’m looking for your best tips for working at home, for an article at (and potentially an even bigger related project).

How many good tips? As many as I can get.

I know we might get a lot of generic tips: Get a comfy chair, make sure you watch your health, etc. There’s room for that, and I appreciate it. But, if you want to increase your odds of being included, I think I’m looking for specific tips.

Not just “get a comfy chair,” but “get the such and such chair because it does X, Y, and Z.” Or, not just “set boundaries with your family,” but “In my house we have a rule that nobody is allowed to bother mommy from 9 to 11 or 1 to 4 pm.”

You can probably do even better than that. But I hope the idea makes sense.

It's okay to a product or service that you’re involved in, but (a) please disclose your connection, and (b) it really has to be good, and proven. Also, I’ll update this page as we go along, and start listing many of the best tips I’ve received here, before publishing. That way you’ll hopefully get inspiration and also not feel like you’ve wasted your time pitching tips that have already been pitched.

You can submit as many tips as you like, but separately is preferred. Either respond to the HARO request or else submit here. Thanks for your time and your tips!
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