SCGSAH Class Agent Application
If you would like to be a SCGSAH Class Agent, please complete this form. You will be contacted regarding the status of your application by a member of the Alumni staff.
Information about the Class Agent Program
The Class Agent program is designed to engage alumni in the wider school community through ongoing interactive communication. Becoming a Class Agent is beneficial both to alumni and to the school on many levels.

Class Agents connect with former classmates, as well as establish a rewarding network of friends and colleagues. Class Agents, moreover, help increase class participation at alumni events. Finally, Class Agents work to build a sense of community among SCGSAH graduates.

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If you are interested in serving as a SCGSAH Class Agent, please read and choose "I accept" on the options below.
I would like to serve as a SCGSAH Class Agent. I understand that as a member of the pool of alumni of class agents I will have a range of responsibilities, including:
1. Keeping alumni aware of school activities, and encouraging alumni to attend school-sponsored events.
2. Informing the Alumni Coordinator of alumni ideas and concerns, and activities and whereabouts of alumni.
3. Working with members of the Alumni Advisory Council to increase alumni participation.
4. Encouraging classmates to email updates for the quarterly newsletter.
My choice of "I accept" indicates that I have read, considered, and will meet these expectations and responsibilities of being a class agent.
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