Application for participation in the festival "Tattoo Collection 2019" (17-19 of may)
On the basis of completed application, the organizer will send you the final commercial terms and conditions you need to take participation in the event. In case of additional questions to the organizer send them to the email:
Detailed information about the festival:
Name of tattoo studio(this title will be used in publications) *
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Specialization (Tattoo master ,else) *
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Photo of your works and photo of Mater send to the following email: *
The order and number of announcement of the participants of the festival in social networks “Tattoo Collection” defined by the organizer *
Contact details
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Country *
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City *
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A place
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Number of workers *
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Important information:
One standard place 8m^2 is designed for 2 masters, an additional place for master is agreed with the organizer *
The sale of tattoos equipment, consumables and other products on the place of masters is prohibited *
Placing banners or any third-party adverts on tattoo master workplaces is prohibited *
Requirement for all participants to comply with sanitary and epidemiological rules, disinfection and sterility during the event at their workplace *
All tattoos made during the event must be closed with a protective lamina *
Smoking, drinking, eating are prohibited at the workplace in Pavilion *
One VIP Pass is designed for one master and gives access to the VIP lounge *
In case of refusal to participate, the paid funds are not returned *
The information on organizers site and social networks is placed after the prepayment *
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