Contact the Furred & Frond (& Human Assistant) Management
Dear humans,

While the female enjoys talking with humans, there comes a point where the communications become very stressful for her. Lately (as of the time of the creation of this form in December 2020), instances of people cold-calling the female to make demands for justifications of things in a fictional work of art, voice complaints they don't appreciate a character's action or behaviors, or otherwise directly approaching her with these things has gone up fivefold. Or more.

In the past 7 days, there have been at least 5 instances of this, and the female has turned off private messaging for her page.

Moving forward, this is the 'private' way to contact the female.

What you're actually doing is this: you're contacting Jenny, who will be filtering the messages.

The complaints, demands for justifications, and negative approaches are being tossed into the ether, where the female will not be made aware of them.

The nice little notes people like sending, and that are hugely appreciated, will be sent to the female so she can read them along with your name. If the female wants to reach out, she will email you.

P.S.: if the female wrote a book that offended no one, exactly zero books would be written. Inevitably, someone will be offended by something a character has said or done.

The female writes a lot of stuff that goes against her personal beliefs. That is because she is writing fiction, and this fiction has zero bearing on her personal life.

Thank you for your understanding.
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