Open letter on academic freedoms, LGBTQ rights and workers' rights in UAE
As an academic community we were shocked by the recent life sentence given to Matthew Hedges, delivered in the absence of anything resembling due process or a fair trial. We welcome the news that Matthew has been pardoned, but note that this does not in any way reduce our deep concerns about the fact he was arrested and sentenced in the first place.

We note that Matthew's imprisonment came at a time when European and North American institutions are actively seeking to broaden their reach overseas by opening satellite campuses. UK universities have bought into this 'internationalisation' agenda enthusiastically as part of a wider drive to marketise higher education. But in so doing we are sacrificing our core values of academic freedom and human rights for the sake of profit and student numbers. This has to stop.

This letter also follows the motion passed by University of Birmingham UCU calling on staff to refuse to carry out work for the University's new Dubai campus unless specified in their contract as a result of deep concerns over the safeguarding of staff and students, and the lack of transparency over the use of forced migrant labour. University of Birmingham UNISON has also voted overwhelmingly to consider a ballot for industrial action over concerns that specifically include the Dubai campus. We call on staff at other institutions to bring similar motions to address the neo-colonial practices of their institutions overseas.

Those of us outside University of Birmingham pledge to follow the lead taken by our colleagues there in refusing or resigning from voluntary roles associated with UoB Dubai such as external examiner posts, visiting lectureships and journal board memberships, until existing issues of safeguarding LGBTQ rights, ensuring academic freedoms and the abuse of migrant labour have been fully addressed.

In writing this letter we insist that senior management in UK universities listen to the concerns voiced by staff and work positively and constructively with the academic community, trade unions and human rights organisations to ensure that the expansion of UK higher education institutions overseas does not mean complicity in abuses of human rights or violations of academic freedoms.

Emeritus Professor, Jane Aaron, Retired, University of South Wales
Dr Anne Alexander, CRASSH, University of Cambridge
Revd David Allen, Associate Chaplain, City, University of London
Dr Paul Anderson, Reader, University of Birmingham
Jenny Aster, Co-Chair LGBT+ Staff Network, City, University of London
Dr William Astle, University Lecturer, Cambridge University
Dr Grietje Baars, Senior Lecturer in Law, City, University of London
Dr Jana Bacevic, Research Associate, University of Cambridge
Dr Stephen Bates, Senior Lecturer in Political Science, University of Birmingham
Dr Shereen Benjamin, University of Edinburgh
Dr Michael Berthaume, Research Associate, Imperial College London
Ms Vicky Blake, President, Uni of Leeds UCU, UCU National Executive Committee, University of Leeds
Mrs Cecily Blyther, Additional Learning Support Tutor, Petroc
Dr Hannah Boast, Teaching Fellow, University of Birmingham
Ms Clelia Boscolo, Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Mr Matt Dumas-Bowden, Courses Officer, Unison & LGBT Activist, City, University of London
Dr Vincent Boyer, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
James Brackley, Lecturer in Accounting, University of Birmingham, President of Birmingham UCU
Professor Bob Brecher, Professor of Moral Philosophy, University of Brighton
Professor Jo Brewis, The Open University
Alexander Brune, PhD student, University of Birmingham
Dr Gareth Carrol, Lecturer in Psycholinguistics, University of Birmingham
Dr Courtney J. Campbell, Lecturer in Latin American History, University of Birmingham
Dr Marco Castellani, Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Paola Ceccarelli, Lecturer, Department of History, University College London
Ioana Cerasella Chis, Chair of University of Birmingham UNISON branch, University of Birmingham
John Chalcraft, Professor of Middle East History and Politics, LSE
Professor Nic Cheeseman, Professor of Democracy, University of Birmingham
Simon Choat, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Kingston University
Mr Francis Clarke, Web Marketing and Communications Officer, Communications Officer of Birmingham UCU, University of Birmingham
Professor of European Industrial Relations, Linda Clarke, Co-Director ProBE research centre, University of Westminster
Mrs Alison Clifton, REF Development Officer, Lancaster University
Mrs Anne Cockayne, Lecturer, NTU
Professor Bill Cooke, Chair in Strategic Management, University of York
Dr Laurence Cooley, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr Alison Cooper, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Dr Sandra Cortijo, SLCU
Dr Rona Cran, Lecturer in Twentieth Century American Literature, University of Birmingham
Linda Cronin, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton
Ms Melany Cruz, Committee Member BUCU, University of Birmingham
Ms Caroline Curtis, PhD candidate, University of Birmingham
Dr James Cussens, Senior Lecturer, University of York
Dr Rohit K Dasgupta, Lecturer and Programme Director in Global Communication and Development, Loughborough University
Andrew Day, Learning and Teaching Librarian, UCA
Dr Ben Davies, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, University of Portsmouth
Ms Jennifer Davies, Postgraduate Research Student, University of Birmingham
Anna Dawson, University of Birmingham
Dr Tyler Denmead, University Lecturer of Arts and Creativity in Education, Faculty of Education, University of Education
Mr Elio Di Muccio, Doctoral Candidate, University of Birmingham, Secretary, University of Birmingham UCU, University of Birmingham
Professor James Dickins, Prof. of Arabic, University of Leeds
Professor Carole Elliott, Professor of HRD, Roehampton University
Sarah Elton, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Durham and President, Durham UCU
Dr Elizabeth Evans, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Goldsmiths
Mrs Kim Fawcett, Graduate Tutor, Teesside University
Professor Natalie Fenton, Goldsmiths, University of London
Miss Rachel Fisher, Doctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham
Georgina Fitzgibbon, PhD candidate, University of Birmingham
Dr Kirsten Forkert, Reader, School of Media, Birmingham City University
Professor Marianna Fotaki, Professor of Business Ethics, Warwick University, Warwick Business School
Dr Mariana Galante, University of Cambridge
Dr Sol Gamsu, Postdoc, University of Bath
Professor Mary Godwyn, Professor of Sociology, Babson College
Dr Emily Grabham, Professor of Law, University of Kent
Dr Alan Greene, Senior Lecturer, Birmingham Law School
Dr Melanie Griffiths, Birmingham Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr Simon Grimble, Associate Professor, Durham University
Dr Dave Grover, Snr Lecturer, Teesside University
Professor Irena Grugulis, Professor of Work and Skills, University of Leeds
Nick Hardy, Pensions Officer, University of Birmingham UCU
Dr Zhang He, Senior Lecturer, Teesside University
Dr Julie Hearn, Lancaster UCU Equality Officer, NEC member, Lancaster University
Dr Karla Hemming, University of Birmingham
Dr Marion Hersh, Senior lecturer in engineering, UCU NEC
Dr Steve Hewitt, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Mr Nicholas Hilken, BCTU Programming Team, University of Birmingham
Dr Rupert Hildyard, Principal Lecturer in English, University of Lincoln
Dr Simon Hodgkinson, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr Richard House, Clinical Tutor, Teesside University
Ms Sorcha Hughes, Student, University of Birmingham
Dr Richard Hull, Programme Director, MA Social Entrepreneurship, Goldsmiths, University of London
Nicholas Hunter, University of Birmingham
Dr Sara Jabbari, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Kathy Jackson, Sn Lecturer, Teesside University
Dr Simon Jackson, Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Dr Laura Jenkins, Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Dr Tom Montenegro-Johnson, Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Birmingham
Dr Carol Jones, Reader, School of Law, University of Birmingham
Dr Henry Jones, Assistant Professor, Law, Durham
Mx Ollie Jones, MRes Pure Mathematics, University of Birmingham
Dr Lee Jones, Reader in International Politics, Queen Mary University of London
Professor Clive Jones, Professor of Regional Security, Durham University
Tom de Jong, PhD candidate, University of Birmingham
Sarah Joss, UCU Membership Officer, Heriot-Watt University
Dr Nicki Kindersley, Harry F Guggenheim Research Fellow, Pembroke College, University of Cambridge
Mr Antony Kotsampaseris, PhD student, University of Birmingham
Dr Hendrik Kraetzschmar, Associate Professor in Middle East Politics, University of Leeds
Dr Andrew Kozhevnikov, Lecturer in HRM, Coventry University
Amanda Latimer, Lecturer, Kingston University
Professor Dennis Leech, Emeritus Academic, University of Warwick
Dr Robert Leek, Lecturer, School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham
Dr Glenn Lees, Teaching Fellow, University of Birmingham
Ms Sasha Lindsay, Cass Undergraduate Course Officer, City University of London
Professor Judi Loach, Professor emerita, Dept of History, Cardiff University
Dr Daniel Loghin, Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Dr Anne Van Loon, Senior Lecturer Water Science, University of Birmingham
Professor Michael Loughlin, Professor of Applied Philosophy, University of West London
Dr Pam Lowe, Senior Lecturer, Aston University
Mr Darcy Luke, Membership Officer BUCU, University of Birmingham
Malcolm MacLean, Reader, School of Sport & Exercise, University of Gloucestershire
Dr Elisavet Mantzari, Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Luke Martell, University of Sussex
Dr Jose Martinez, Junior Research Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
Dr Mazen Masri, Senior Lecturer, City, University of London
Dr Sagi Mathew, Lecturer, RMIT University
Marian Mayer, Senior Lecturer, Co-chair Bournemouth UCU Chair South Region UCU, Bournemouth University
Dr William McEvoy, Senior Lecturer in Drama and English, University of Sussex
Dr Charlie McGuire, Senior Lecturer in History, Teesside University
Ms Tara MCINERNEY, Senior Lecturer in Comics and Illustration, Teesside University
Jo McNeill, President, University of Liverpool UCU & NEC
Angus McNelly, PhD Candidate, Queen Mary University of London
Dr Kevin McSorley, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Portsmouth
Dr Kevin Moloney, Research Fellow, Bournemouth University
Dr Bethan Morgan, Teaching Associate, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Dr Lydia Morgan, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr Nick Morgan, Latin American Studies, Newcastle University
Philip Moriarty, Professor of Physics and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, University of Nottingham
Miss Jerry Morrison, Teacher
Mr Daniel Muddimer, Student, University of Birmingham
Professor Clement Mouhot, University of Cambridge
Juergen Munz, Heriot-Watt University
Dr Angie Murray, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr Hannah Murray, Teaching Fellow, King's College London
Professor Alistair Mutch, Professor of Information and Learning, Nottingham Trent University
Miss Piangfan Naksukpaiboon, Early Stage Researcher, Queen's University Belfast
Dr Kate Nichols, Birmingham Fellow, University of Birmingham
Professor Aoife O'Donoghue, Durham University
Catherine Oliver, PhD student, University of Birmingham
Dermot O'Reilly, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University
Mr Ryan Ottridge, University of Birmingham
William Outhwaite, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Newcastle University
Mr Marcel Llavero Pasquina, Member of University Council and PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
Rose Brayne Patterson, Student, University of Birmingham
Professor Michael Pirson, Fordham University
Professor Megan Povey, Professor of Food Physics, University of Leeds
Dr Laura Povoledo, Senior lecturer in economics, UWE Bristol
Dr Nicola Pratt, Reader of the International Politics of the Middle East, University of Warwick
Dr Sian Preece, Associate Professor, UCL Institute of Education
Dr Nat Queen, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
Professor Muireann Quigley, Professor of Law, Medicine, & Technology, University of Birmingham
Dr Matias Ramirez, Senior lecturer, University of Sussex
Dr Paulina Ramirez, Lecturer in Innovation and International Business, University of Birmingham
Professor Brian Rappert, University of Exeter
Professor Keith Reader, Visiting Emeritus Professor, University of London Institute in Paris
Dr Thomas Renstrom, Associate Professor, Durham University Business School
Mr Paul Reynolds, Reader in Sociology and Social Philosophy, Edge Hill University
Dr James Richards, Associate Professor in HRM, Heriot-Watt University
Dr David Roberts, Application Operations Team Leader, University of Birmingham
Mr Paul Robinson, Graduate Tutor/PhD Researcher, Teesside University
Leon Rocha, Lecturer in History, University of Liverpool
Jonathan Rosenhead, Emeritus Professor of Operational Research, London School of Economics
Mr Sean Rowlands, Research Support Officer, City, University of London
Nita Sanghera, UCU Vice President, SCCB Bournville College
Professor Jennifer Saul, Professor of Philosophy, University of Sheffield
Mr Cameron Seyers, Student, University of Birmingham
Dr Bethany Simmonds, Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth
Dr Ruth Elizabeth Slater, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader, University of Central Lancashire
Professor Peter Slater, Professor of Materials Chemistry, University of Birmingham
Roddy Slorach, UCU branch organiser, Imperial College London
Barry Smart, Professor of Sociology, University of Portsmouth
Mrs Caroline Smith, Database Administrator, University of Birmingham
Joel Smith, Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester
Lesley Smitheringale, Senior Lecturer Accounting and Finance, Teesside University
Dr Samuel Solomon, Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex
Mr Siddharth Soni, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge
Dr Mark Summerfield, University of Birmingham
Dr Meg Tait, Head of CCTL, University of Cambridge
Dr Giuliana Tiripelli
Dr Katherine Tonkiss, Senior Lecturer, Aston University
Emeritus Professor, Richard Tuckett, Professor of Chemistry, University of Birmingham
Unis Resist Border Controls (URBC)
Professor Martin Upchurch, Professor of International Employment Relations, Middlesex University Business School, London, UK
Dr Emma Unwin, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr Emma Wagstaff, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Sean Wallis, Principal Research Fellow, UCU Branch President and NEC member, University College London
Dr Ben Warwick, Lecturer in Law, University of Birmingham
Tamsin Waterhouse, Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Dr Rob Waters, Lecturer in Modern British History, University of Birmingham
Freya Watkins, Teaching Associate & Doctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham
Dr Steven Watson, Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Dr Sanne Weber, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr Se-shauna Wheatle, Associate Professor in Law, Durham University
Dr David White, Lecturer in Political Science, University of Birmingham
Professor John Williams, Professor of International Relations, Durham University
Professor Hugh Willmott, Professor of Management, Cass Business School City University of London
Dr Rose Whyman, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Dr Marion Winters, Senior Lecturer, Heriot-Watt University
Dr Maria Witek, Senior Birmingham Fellow, University of Birmingham

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