Post-Paddle Evaluation Form
Please provide information about your recent Kanoe the Kazoo paddle. This information will only be shared with our Kanoe the Kazoo steering committee for future planning purposes and in reports to the event fiscal sponsors.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jamie at or (269) 978-4606.
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Any remarkable feedback from participants?
Both positive and constructive (e.g., beautiful scenery or interesting wildlife on paddle, appreciated lunch option, convenient shuttle, enjoyed learning more about your organization, shorter/longer paddle distance, longer check-in time, faster launch, better launch facility, more parking, etc.)
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Did participants ask for any of the following information?
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E.g., dog bite, medicine administered for bee sting/allergies, injuries, rescue efforts, call to authorities, etc.
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If hosting another paddle in the future, would you do anything differently? What worked well?
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How can we do better?
We're always looking to improve Kanoe the Kazoo for participants and our hosts. Please let us know what we can do to help hosts in the future. Would you change anything about the website, online registration, communications, event resources, etc.?
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