Elementary School WL Materials Grant
Supported by the University of Iowa Grace Cochran Fund.

The Grace Cochran Fund is offering a grant to promote and enhance world language instruction in Iowa elementary schools. The funds come from Dr. Ruth Updegraff, a respected founder of the field of child development, in honor of her friend Grace Cochran, who taught French and had a strong interest in encouraging the early acquisition of a world language. The Grace Cochran Fund is managed by a committee based in the Foreign Language and ESL Program in the College of Education at the University of Iowa.

This is a materials grant, intended to help elementary world language teachers pay for materials to enhance their instruction. Applicants will be required to submit an itemized budget for the materials that they are requesting, preferably with an identified store/location where they can buy them.

Proposals will be judged based on their clarity and feasibility, as well as on the potential impact of the project that will be supported with the materials.

Grant Application Information
• Grant recipients must be full- or part-time licensed world language teachers at the elementary level in a public or private school in the state of Iowa.

• Grants are only intended for classroom or instructional materials. This can include, but is not limited to, books, organizers, manipulatives, realia, and technology. Requests to support applicants’ travel to target cultures or conferences will not be considered, nor should applicants submit requests to be paid for the time they spend on a project.

• All materials purchased with funds from the grant must be primarily for usage in an elementary-level world language classroom (grades K-6). In the event that a recipient changes jobs after being awarded materials through this grant, the materials must stay with the program described in the grant application.

• Grant recipients must have their programs featured on the Eastern Iowa Early Foreign Language Learning Website (http://research.education.uiowa.edu/early-fl)

• Grants from the University of Iowa Grace Cochran Fund will be determined by the availability of funds from year to year. Grants to individual teachers will not exceed $500.

• The deadline for applications is August 1. Recipients will be notified of grants by September 1 and will be recognized in a ceremonial presentation at the IWLA Conference luncheon.

• The grant will be disbursed to the school via a school invoice. Grant applicants are encouraged to verify with their school business office that this process will be possible.

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