Columbery subscription campaign
We aim to gather 30 000 subscribers.
- First 1000 subscribers will receive 2000 CLMB tokens each (~10 USD)
- The next 3000 subscribers will receive 1000 CLMB tokens each (~5 USD)
- The next 5000 subscribers will receive 800 CLMB tokens each (~4 USD)
- The rest will receive 400 CLMB tokens each (~2USD)

Referral program is also available (additional 200 CLMB tokens for each referral).
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We will sign you up and send your referral code with link to this form, so you could invite friends and get more CLMB tokens for each referral. Your email address will not be disclosed.
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With your @username we will check time to time your subscription to our channels. You can find your @username in your telegram "Profile Settings"
Referral code (if any)
You may leave this field blank or If you have been invited by someone then type in refcode provided. You and the owner of the code will additionally receive bonus of 200 CLMB tokens (~1 USD) each. (Please, do not type in your own referral code received from Columbery or you will be disqualified)
Follow all Columbery channels *
You have to follow all the Columbery accounts listed below. If you don’t follow any of these accounts you won’t be rewarded. Your accounts on all the sources must be open to public, so that we can confirm your subscription.
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Is needed for sending your tokens after ICO
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