YANTSU Summer 2019 Applications
Please fill out all aspects of the following application out honestly and thoroughly. Team YANTSU is a serious group looking for dedicated members to aid in our substantial production every Christmas season. Common areas our members help with include new proposals, hosting, running social medias, chat moderation, advertising, contributing to website and santa cam development, and so much more!

This current round of applications goes live June 1st, running until September 1st. We plan to review each application as it comes in, but do keep in mind it may take us days or even weeks to reach a final verdict on your application. We intensely review your application as a team, so please make sure you've filled it out honestly and thoroughly. If you feel there is something important you've omitted from your application after submitting it, please email elezb101@gmail.com with said information ASAP. Please contact said email for any other concerns or questions surrounding the application process.

If you've been accepted to the group, we will be contacting you via your Facebook link you've provided, so please keep an eye on that account in the weeks following your application submission.

Good luck!

What is your name? *
First and last please
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Please LINK your Facebook account *
*Please provide an ACTUAL LINK and NOT just your name. Facebook is CRUCIAL for YANTSU members, as we conduct all day to day business via Facebook chat groups. If you do not currently have a Facebook account, we ask you to create one.
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Please LINK your YouTube account *
While we urge members to have a YouTube account, we do not require it. If you do not have an account, reply "No".
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Where are you from? *
Country and State/Province (if applicable) required. City optional.
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How old are you? *
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How long have you used the NORAD Tracks Santa Program? *
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How did you discover YANTSU? How many of our live-streams have you viewed? *
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Have you ever been apart of another Santa tracking team? *
If so, please list the team(s) you've been apart of and for approximately how long you were with them. If you've never been on a team previously, respond "No".
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Are you willing to be an on-stream host on our December 24th live stream? *
Simple yes or no. While we do enjoy adding new hosts, do keep in mind we don't require our members to host.
Which role within our team do you believe suits you best? *
How do you believe you can improve our team? Why should we accept you? *
This is the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION. Please answer thoroughly. Your response should have to do with specific ideas for the group, not making the group a "happier place" or having a "happy attitude." We are looking for people with strong ideas and motivation to track Santa.
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In a general sense, what is your Christmas Eve schedule typically like? *
We understand that holiday schedules can be hectic and constantly changing, but please give us your estimated availability. Please be honest. Example: "Im generally available all morning until noon when I have family over, so I would be unavailable for several afternoon hours, but would return for evening hours."
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Do you think there is anything else we need to know about you while considering your application?
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