Face Shield Material Donation and Delivery
Drop off Schedule of Face Shield Materials

Materials needed:
• 3D Printed Visors for Shield - email materials@americanhigh.com for 3D printing plans
• PLA Filament for 3D printers
• Foam Tape 3/4in wide x 1/2 thick
• .005in thick poly sheet
• Elastic Band - 1/2in wide
• Super Glue
• Rubbing alcohol or other disinfectants
• 12x12” Poly Bags
• Vinyl gloves & face masks
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We are no longer accepting drop offs after 5pm on Tuesday April 7th
This is for the safety of all printers and volunteers to limit exposure. We thank you for everything! We will have filament in this week and will arrange a way to get it to you. We will reach out to
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3D Printed Visor Quantity
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Other Materials
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Monday 4/6
Tuesday 4/7
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