All-ASA Lobby Corps Sign Up Sheet
Welcome to the All-ASA Student Lobby Corps! Our mission is to combine the collective power we have as Armenian students in California to push for our issues to be heard, addressed, and resolved! We are going to kick off the lobby corps with a series of meetings with the Elected Officials that represent us. We plan on working with Elected Representatives to Recognize the Armenian Genocide, work towards the International Recognition of Karabakh's Sovereignty, and a host of other issues that affect us as Armenians and students in California. But before we get to lobbying, we have to meet together to develop our lobbying skills and our knowledge of the structures of our governance. Please fill out the information below and let's get to lobbying!
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Do you have any previous lobbying experience? If so, where and what was your impression?
What Organizations/Elected Representatives have you worked with in the past or are in contact with that would you want our Lobby Corps to collaborate with in the future?
What issues do you think our Lobby Corps should focus on legislatively? *
Will you be available to meet & begin lobbying in the coming weeks? (March, April & May) *
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