Kodály Musicianship Online Winter/SpringClasses 2021
Forty minutes of music a week with video, worksheet, and zoom class! Starts Feb 3 & 4, 2021
(14 classes per level)-
Open to new and continuing students!
Melissa Rooklidge, faculty (e-mail opusrooklidge@gmail.com with any class questions)

Weekly 25 minute Zoom class, video, and music worksheet

Level 1 (Ages 5-6) Zoom Class - Wednesdays 4:00-4:25pm

Level 2 (Ages 6-7) Zoom Class- Wednesdays 5:00-5:25pm

Level 3 (Ages 7-8) Zoom Class- Thursdays 4:30-4:55pm

Level 4 (Ages 8-9) Zoom Class- Thursdays 5:00-5:25pm

Tuition: $245

Please note that payment is due once student is registered for the class. Opus Ithaca will send a Paypal bill to your email and payment will be due upon receipt.

Full payment is required regardless of personal attendance. No refunds will be given.

Special circumstances considered.
Scholarships available

Virtual Instruction Via Zoom
Do you have a device that will support zoom instruction?

Typically, Zoom and music lessons, recitals and group activities do not work well on google Chrome books.

Does your family have a device that will work?

Will your home internet be able to connect ok and have a strong bandwidth, so that your musician will be heard and seen clearly? Also, we at Opus know that the internet and zoom will have it’s issues from time to time. We will do everything on our end to facilitate and make sure it works. Before the first class meeting, we will send special Zoom settings for your device to make music audio better for the other listeners, and we ask that you help set this up on your device in advance.

Please know that Opus can’t be held accountable because of the connectivity and internet glitches that sometimes happen. No refunds can be given due to technical issues.

*Ages listed are generally appropriate levels, but further consideration of class placement will be given as needed, based on a student’s musical experience and learning needs.
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VIDEO/PHOTO RELEASE: I give permission to Opus Ithaca School of Music to use photographs and audio and/or video recordings of my child for fundraising and/or marketing purposes. On occasion, with permission, photographs may be included in promotional videos, websites, brochures, newsletters, or similar marketing materials/media. Opus Ithaca respects the privacy of its students and does not allow unauthorized visitors to photograph or video students. *
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