Water and Sanitation Media Learning & Exposure Program
Take part in a tailored programme with the goal of intensifying and improving the quality of media coverage of acute water-related challenges in Lebanon.

Program: 10 - 12 October 2019 (half day every-day 13:00 - 18:00)
There is no charge for this program

Last date for submission is 1st October

The program will enable you to report on key water challenges in a way that encourages more sustainable water management as a means of conflict prevention and enhancing the quality of life.

Note: The program will be given in English

At the end of the learning and exposure program, participants will count on the knowledge, skills and mind-set to:

1) Understand and analyse the complexity of the water and sanitation sector, identifying the underlying reasons for water and sanitation-related challenges, as well as the consequences.

2) Proactively contribute in shedding light onto the water and sanitation crisis, its causes,
consequences and possible solutions.

3) Communicate to each target audience the right message, using the right format, based on their
needs, interests and the role they play in the water and sanitation sector.

4) Inform the different audience about water and sanitation issues through constructive news and media pieces.
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