Welcome to Volunteering for EnVision Proven Success (EPS)!
EPS Volunteers has been serving the Columbus, Ohio area since 2014 to build a caring and committed community of people who give their time towards “Helping to Improve Lives.” We support job seekers, high school students, newcomers, retired individuals and just about anyone looking to use their time and expertise to give back. We are always looking for partnership, sponsors, and donations. As a volunteer, you’re contributing to “Helping to Improve Lives” by recruiting women, other organizations in our community to attend workshops, events, opportunities, and expected to help, using social media and word of mouth, brand and grow the mission/vision of EnVision Proven Success.

EnVision Proven Success provides knowledge and resources that empower women to improve their quality of life

Socioeconomic status affects overall well-being and quality of life for diverse women with challenges, our passion is to improve the quality of life that affects diverse women and their families in our community.

Our partnership idea of forming and joining a coalition to assist with re-entry, domestic violence, suicide prevention, human trafficking, and other community organizations will improve the quality of life for diverse women with challenges.
Volunteering contributes to the vitality and capacity building of the community
 • Volunteers and the professionals that support them are an integral component of the voluntary sector
• Honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibility are demonstrated in all areas of our work
• Diversity of community stakeholders are respected through the model of Cultural Competence and is reflected in policies and service delivery
 • We believe sharing of experience and knowledge is the cornerstone of community and leadership development

Fourth Thursday of the month - Volunteer meetings/orientation

Volunteers are just ordinary people with extraordinary hearts!

Thank you for your interest in joining us in our life-changing work. Helping to Improve Lives. You are joining at the perfect time!

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Rights & Responsibilities
As a volunteer, you have rights and responsibilities. Volunteer Toronto believes volunteers are a vital human resource and commits to the appropriate infrastructure to support volunteer engagement. Volunteers have the right to:
• Work in a safe & healthy workplace, to know about unsafe work and to refuse unsafe work
 • A supportive environment in which to work and contribute
 • Effective and meaningful volunteer involvement practices
 • Have their say about their work and ideas regarding their role or program
 • Provide feedback and receive feedback when requested and at regular intervals
 • Be reimbursed for transit expenses to and from the Volunteer Toronto office (see General Volunteer Policies, page 6)
• Ask for and receive support from their supervisor when required
• Be accommodated for any ability needs in order to complete non-essential tasks of the role Volunteers have a responsibility to:
 • Act with respect for the cause, community, organization, and its work

• Act responsibly and with integrity
 • Fulfill the duties of the role as defined in the position description, efficiently and effectively
 • Respect all policies in place
 • Notify their supervisor if they are unable to fulfill their duties or miss a shift
 • Recommend suggestions and changes if they determine any

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Thank you for your interest in joining us in our life-changing work. Helping to Improve Lives. You are joining at the perfect time!
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