Delisted Games Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in submitting a delisted game to the site. Your contribution is immensely helpful! Before filling out the form please search the site ( and recent submissions ( to see if your game has already been added. It'll save us both some time.

If you'd like to continue using this form, please provide all the details you can below. It's okay if all you know is the name of the game, feel free to submit it and we'll do the work when we can.

AT THIS TIME MOBILE-EXCLUSIVE GAMES ARE *NOT* BEING ADDED TO THE SITE. This includes Android, iOS, and any other older mobile device platforms.

ALSO NOTE: New game pages are currently scheduled months out, so you may not see yours appear on the site right away but it is almost certainly coming soon! Thanks again for your help!
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In which Territories?
On which platform(s)?
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