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Pro Musica Audition Student Info May 2020
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Pro Musica has a mandatory tour every year. The financial responsibility this coming school year will be approximately $1,000. Tuition payments must be up-to-date before registering for the class and going on tour. There will be fundraising opportunities available, but are not likely to cover the entire cost of the trip. Students should start working/saving early if finances are an issue. Please understand/accept the financial commitment when you sign this document! For further information, feel free to contact Mr. Kristian Leukert at Have your parent check the box below IF they have read and understand all of the requirements necessary to join this ensemble. *
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List ALL extra-curricular / honors activities you plan to be in next school year. (include: sports, private music lessons, church choirs, musical theater, mission trip, Friends Next Door, praise band MD’s, honors/ AP, clubs, TIE, etc. ) *
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