Bishop McCort High School - Reflection Survey - Fall 2020
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Choose your CURRENT Grade *
Name 3-5 of your personal interests and abilities. *
After viewing today's video, name at least one connection between your interests/abilities, and the information provided by your business partner. Respond in 1-3 sentences. *
Explain some of your career goals. Respond in 1-3 sentences. *
Recalling today's video, name at least one career mentioned by the business partner that sounded interesting to you. Respond in 1-3 sentences. *
Why Not Me? Why Not Now?
Discuss how working towards one or more of the five categories listed above are good habits to secure a job. Respond in 3-5 sentences. *
Discuss how the five categories listed above can help you maintain a job and advance in a career. Respond in 3-5 sentences. *
Which of the categories is your greatest strength? *
Which of the categories presents the greatest opportunity for growth or improvement? (some may refer to this as a weakness) *
Regarding the category you identified for growth/improvement - complete this sentence: "If I wanted to improve upon (name of the category), a goal for me would be..." *
After viewing today's video, my TCP business partner has caused me to: *
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