Guide for CMN Tutor:

1. Please submit the teaching and learning (P&P) report to CMN Management at the end of the month before completing this form. Payment of allowances will only be processed after the report is received.

2. One form for each group of students only and by month.

3. If the same family take this service or with different packages, please fill in a separate form.

4. Fill in this form at the end of the month in order to avoid the suspension of allowances. Delays in filling in this form for more than a month will be charged a penalty of 10%. This penalty will be contribute for charity causes by CMN Care.

5. Only the tutor that meets the full class policy and attended Tutor Training will be confirmed according to the agreed probation period. You will be notified by the management after you are confirmed.

Thank you for your efforts in helping to upgrade the quality of teaching with CMN Academy :)



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