Google Cloud Community Day 2019 Chennai Registration
Hi All,

We are hosting our annual event "Google Cloud community Day" on 7th Dec 2019 and welcome all passionate developers interested to know the power of Cloud and how they can use. We will have an amazing lineup of speakers featuring developer advocates, customer engineers and architects from Google, Google Developer Experts and prominent developers and customers speaking how they use GCP. The content would be technical featuring deep dives into specific technologies and use cases.

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For more information on event like agenda, venue, date etc., Please visit event link page in Meetup.

Previous meetup event we have noticed some wastage (like seat, food, effort, sponsorship) due to less attendees than expected inspite of good wait-list. So please fill this form if you 100% plan to come to meetup event, to effective utilise the meetup event.

Please ping "Event Host" over meetup chat if any clarification.

Thanks for co-operation,
Organizing Team, GDG Cloud Chennai
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