Design your Dwarvenaut 20 amp here.
some questions to help me build your perfect amp for you.
What is your email address? (this is the email I will be contacting you through)
Your answer
How do you want pay for the amp?
Location - shipping info
What sort of music do you play? (yes, yes.. i know there are a billion subgenres, but humor a grouchy old man for a minute...) this will drive the overall capabilities your amp will have. pretend i'm 5 or 95, your choice..
Gain and EQ style for your amp
tell me how much gain or clean you want to have. then tell me what sort of frequencies you want the amp to throw out.

(keep in mind, extreme differences can sometime be difficult, if not impossible to attain)

How much Gain do you play with?
I hate Gain! Clean only!
Mostly clean with a little crunch when maxed out (vintage amps)
crunchy, but can clean up a bit
High gain, with lots of note definition, crunchy at lowest settings
Thick, Walloping walls 'o' Fuzz / no clean headroom
Gain Level
Do you use Pedals?
If you use pedals and don't want the amp coloring the response, its best if you choose a clean option for your amp's gain response
What sort of bass frequencies do you want?
super tight bass / minimal bass
strings go THUNK but stays tight at highest gain
low end you could soak an elephant in
What sort of treble frequencies do you want?
sparkles more than a crazy persons eyes before they had their meds. people yell at me all the time to turn down the treble.
i like chime and crisp note detail
i run my treble and presence almost all the way off (or i play a bass!)
Colors For Tolex, and Faceplate
pick your tolex colors here, then mix with your faceplate
MK1 black tolex with NOS Hiwatt Black Grillecloth faceplate $625
MKII purple tolex with White/black lettering faceplate $725
Knobs (view knob choices here:
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