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Thank you for completing this form. We appreciate that you are busy and that your time is valuable. We will use the data we gather from your responses to help shape our benefits, programming, and long-term strategies.
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What is your BHBA member status? *
If you are a current, dues-paying member, what is your opinion of the value you receive for your dues?
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Are you aware that BHBA introduced new membership levels in 2020? *
Are you aware that Professional level dues include a free annual marketing video, social media highlight, discounts on video production and editing services, FastCase, and full access to our online CLE video catalog? *
Were you aware that law students and lawyers in their first three years of practice now get free BHBA memberships? *
What are the main things you look for a bar association to provide? *
What is your opinion of the quality of BHBA's CLE offerings? *
What is your opinion of the quality of BHBA's networking and business development opportunities? *
What is your opinion of BHBA's leadership opportunities? *
What is your opinion about the volume of email you receive from BHBA?
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If we gave you the ability to limit the topics about which you would receive BHBA emails, would you do so?
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If we had a free option for you to receive information via text message--just about the events/topics you preselect, would you subscribe? *
Once it is safe to have in-person CLEs, do you anticipate still wanting to attend CLEs via webinar? *
What is your favorite mode of getting CLE credit? *
If there are services or benefits you would like BHBA to provide that we don't, please describe.
If you are not a paid member, what services, benefits, or other factors would make you become  one?
Please share anything else you'd like to tell us about your membership experience, our current offerings, why you are or aren't a current BHBA member, or anything else. Thank you very much for your time!
If you would like to discuss the feedback you provided here, please leave your name, email, and/or phone number here. If you do not complete this field, your survey results will be anonymous.
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