16-17 IMS School Survey
Please answer each question honestly. All responses are completely confidential.
My administrator treats me like a professional. *
My administrator demonstrates a solid understanding of effective teaching practices. *
My administrator visits my classroom often enough. *
My administrator regularly seeks my input when making decisions that impact the work that I do. *
I feel comfortable going to my administrator with my concerns. *
My administrator cultivates a positive relationship among faculty members at this school. *
My administrator supports my decisions about student behavior. *
My administrator promotes a positive school culture. *
My administrator supports me when conflicts arise with parents. *
My administrator helps me get the resources I need to do my job well. *
My administrator has realistic expectations for my time. *
My administrator is fair and consistent. *
Student discipline policies are consistent and fair. *
I am satisfied with my own behavior management skills. *
I feel that behavior management training would be effective in my position. *
I clearly understand the school’s discipline policies. *
The students clearly understand the school’s discipline policies. *
The students clearly understand the teacher’s discipline policies. *
I feel that we have a positive school culture. *
In general, I believe that our school is meeting the needs of our students. *
I feel empowered to make decisions about my teaching. *
I enjoy coming to work. *
Many of the students have positive attitudes.
Clear selection
My colleagues are helpful and collaborate well with each other. *
Leadership team works well with others and is always willing to help. *
I feel my administrator is strong in these areas: *
I would like to see my administrator grow in these ways: *
I believe our school is working well in these areas:
I would like to see our school change in these ways: *
Do you have any other thoughts about school safety, climate, and/or student discipline? *
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