scikit-learn user survey
We (the scikit-learn developers) would like to get to know our users a bit more, so accompanying the 0.13 release, we want to find out what is important to you and what we should work on.

Please be aware that scikit-learn is an open source project that is developed in the contributors' free time. Features can only be implemented if someone volunteers to do so.
What is your academic background?
What area did you study in undergrad/grad school?
What is your current occupation?
What is your main activity or day job?
Which machine learning algorithms would you like to see implemented?
Your answer
What do you find most annoying in scikit-learn?
What hinders your development and productivity? How could we improve usability?
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What do you like best about scikit-learn?
What are we doing that you would like to see continue? What do you think are the strong points of scikit-learn?
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Which features (not algorithms) would you like to see implemented?
For example: more dataset loading utilities, better Python3 support, more sparse matrix support, ...
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