I want to support high-quality journalism, but I can't afford a subscription!
The internet is here to help you! Fill this out and I'll match you with someone who's willing to sponsor your *digital subscription* to the New York Times or Washington Post for 12 months.

IMPORTANT: You don't need to prove your need. You don't need to apologize for asking for this. What matters is that you want to support journalism, which makes you the kind of person who makes the world great.

If you have questions, email me (helenrosner@gmail.com) or DM me (http://www.twitter.com/hels)


How it works
Fill this out if you can't afford a subscription to a major paper but you want to support quality journalism. When a donor signs up to underwrite a subscription, I'll email them the information they need to buy you a digital gift subscription (your name and email), as well as your Twitter handle, and any other information you'd like them to have about you.

That person will then go to the website of the paper you're requesting, and buy you a gift subscription.

When your gift subscription has gone through, you'll get an email notification from your requested newspaper.

That's it! You're done!

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You should feel very, very good about yourself.
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