Separation behaviour questionnaire
Dear Participant,

In this questionnaire we are curious about the behaviour of dogs when You, their owner leaves them alone. In our earlier studies found that the dog-owner relationship is analogous with the child-caretaker relation, and the dogs show attachment towards their owners. An important and interesting part of this interspecific connection is how the dogs experience and what behaviours they show in the absence of their attachment figure, the owner. We would like to know what factors can affect whether the dog keeps calm, or becomes anxious or stressed, or even shows problem behaviours.
In the questionnaire we will ask you to give your name and contact. This is necessary, as we plan to run further, more detailed questionnaires, behavioural tests and genetic analysis about the dogs' separation behaviour and for this we might need to contact You, furthermore if You will send us DNA samples from your dog, these will help us to connect the results with the questionnaire data.
We handle all the obtained data confidentially, we anonymize the questionnaires and the names and contact information are stored in a separate, password protected database. Only the Senior researcher has access to these and the questionnaire data which is also stored on a password protected computer. The data are not provided for any third party without Your permission and used only for research purposes.

We appreciate Your participation!

Tamás Faragó, PhD
Senior researcher
Department of Ethology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
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