Leaside Leafs 18u Elite Recruit Form
Welcome to the Leaside Leafs Elite program. If you are looking for collegiate-quality training and personal recruiting support recruited to an academic institution that best meets your goals, this program is for you. Not only is the Leaside organization the tightest, most welcoming baseball family, our 18u Elite program is designed to help players succeed at the collegiate level while promoting flexibility for multi-sport athletes and high academic standards. The fully non-parent coaching staff is made up of numerous GTBL, IBL, Collegiate and ex-professional players from the GTA. Our program emphasizes efficient mechanics, strength and conditioning, and versatility at multiple positions on the field to be adaptable in competitive collegiate programs. We prioritize arm health by taking UCL baseline stress levels from the Motus Sleeve, combined with velocity readings, and compare to readings during training and rehab. We also use that data, connection balls, slow-mo video, and other tools to develop consistent, efficient mechanics for each player while monitoring their stress levels.

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Peter Nash
Assistant Coach: Daniel Connolly
Assistant Coach: David Pham
Pitching Instructor: Graham Tebbit
Catching/Infield Instructor: Kyle Bowers
Infield Instructor: Roy Suzuki
Guest Hitting Instructor: Todd Betts

Program Features:

- $2000 for all baseball expenses and training ( + uniform for new players)

- 3 full-time collegiate coaches and 3-4 extra part-time collegiate instructors

- Advanced and structured off-season training at both a dome and batting cage/full weight room running from the
beginning of November to the end of April. Heavy emphasis on biomechanical refinement using slow-motion cameras.
Heavy emphasis on strength and functional athletic training, including one weight room session a week for 6 months
with on-site Olympic weight-lifting coach.

- 7 tournaments (including 2 large U.S. Showcase tournaments), Private U of T Showcase tournament and playoffs

- Leaside-run March Break trip to Clearwater, FL (includes daily training, exhibition games, MLB Spring Training trips, low
coach-to-player ratio) [Costs not included in team fees]

- Private visits from local OCAA and OUA school scouts/coaches + PBR representatives on our staff to guide you and
promote players to targeted collegiate programs

- Complimentary arm-care and rehab kit + arm-care program

- UCL stress levels compared between pitches, biomechanical alterations, and comparisons to baseline levels during
training and rehab using the Motus Sleeve

- Velocity tracking, biomechanical analysis using slow-mo cameras, and motor pattern development with connection balls
and blending drills

- Baseball-specific strength program periodized in 3 phases; Phase 1 being motor pattern recruitment and functional
movement, Phase 2 being hypertrophy (strength and muscle mass), and Phase 3 being speed and power.

- High-performance Nutrition program information + Sport Psychology information for competitive edge

- Phased testing of strength, agility, generated hitting velocity and throwing velocity + Goal setting

- Ex-varsity sprinting coach to engage with efficient sprinting motor patterns and speed/agility training

- Academic guidance from numerous collegiate and ex-collegiate players

- Local businesses who sponsor home nights for local community groups to attend home games with fan giveaways

- Home park is the historic Howard Talbot park, equipped with a sound system and player-designed walk-up music
and game day music

- Connections with younger Leaside teams to provide paid and volunteer opportunities to mentor and/or coach the next
generation of baseball players. Alumni now throughout Leaside as paid instructors.

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