2019 - Parent Survey
Dear Parents,
Your voice is valuable as we continue to review our practice and make improvements that best support our Scholars. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this brief survey!
My children are in grades:
I feel welcome at Calimesa Elementary School.
I am informed about my child's progress.
I know what my child's teacher expects of my child.
My child is safe at school.
My child is safe going to and from school.
There is adequate playground supervision during school.
Adults who work in my child's school treat students with respect.
Students in my child's school respect each other's differences.
My child's teacher encourages him/her to try new ideas.
My child talks about ways to help control his/her emotions.
Adults in my child's school seem to work well with one another.
At CES, students have learned ways to resolve disagreements so that everyone can be satisfied with the outcome.
Students have friends at school they can trust and talk to if they have problems.
CES teachers and staff try to get all families to be part of school activities.
I would be willing to volunteer in classrooms and at school if asked.
At CES there are clear rules against physically hurting other people
My child talks about how his/her actions affect other people.
My child's school provides information that is timely and easy to understand.
My child enjoys coming to school everyday.
My child is able to complete homework independently.
The office staff at my child's school is friendly and helpful.
Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSA) Did you know that this organization consists of parents, teachers, students and community who work together to directly support our scholars?
How would you best be able to support our scholars?
PTSA: Questions, comments, concerns
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What are the strengths of our school?
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What would you like to see changed?
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Share your ideas with us!
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