IWHG Bronchopneumonia and Respiratory Disease (including nasal disease) Case Study Survey
After an excellent response to our first request for cases of hounds that have suffered from pneumonia - we have decided to continue collecting this information and broaden the scope of this study. We therefore still need details of any/all Wolfhounds who have suffered from pneumonia or any other respiratory disease, including nasal disease and rhinitis. All survey answers will be collated by the IWHG and forwarded on to Dr Angela Bodey BSc, BVSc, PhD, MRCVS and DR Mark Dunning MA, VetMB, PhD, CertSAM, DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS at Nottingham Veterinary School.

If you require to attach additional files to tis survey please use the facility witin the last question to do so. Thank you.

If you require any help or information please contact the co-ordinator, Miranda Brace at mirandabraehead@gmail.com

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What is your name? *
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What is the Kennel Club registered name of the dog?
What is the pet name of the dog? *
What gender and status is the dog? *
What age was your dog at the time of the incident? Please give age in years UNLESS UNDER 12 MONTHS when exact age should be entered. Also please give approximate year of incident – particularly if it was a long time ago. *
What symptoms did your dog present with? – e.g. cough, rapid breathing – Please give as much as much information as possible, even if you feel it may be vague. *
What was the diagnosis given by your Vet? Please send any printed veterinary data (this will usually form part of the bill given at the end of treatment) giving the whole clinical series from presentation to cure or death/PM. *
Did your vet give a DEFINITIVE diagnosis – Veterinary records to be appended and VERY welcome. If your vet is undecided about a diagnosis please leave blank.
What treatment did your vet provide? – please provide printed veterinary records if possible. If not please give recollections and chronology.
What is your perception of how quickly therapy was prescribed – please consider the time involved in deciding to take your dog to the vet after you first noticed symptoms, and subsequent decision by vet to provide treatment.
What was the outcome of this incident? Please indicate the percentage recovery - where 100% is full recovery and 0% is death. *
Row 1
If less than 100%, please describe any remaining problems? If 0% was a Post Mortem performed?
Did your dog suffer from any relapses afterwards, and if yes, how many weeks/months later.
Any other comments?
Has your dog already provided a DNA swab to Nottingham University?
If your dog has not already been swabbed by Nottingham University, please provide an address so that we can send a cheek swab kit
If you wish to upload any documents please do so here.
I understand that the information provided in this survey will be collected by the IWHG and provided to the veterinary researchers conducting this study.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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