Nominations For Lexington Women's 2020 Commemorative Public Art
The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council and Mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, have come together with private companies and community members to support the erection of a commemorative piece of public art in honor of the history of women in this area. "Breaking the Bronze Ceiling" is the significant first step in creating public art that more fully represents the diverse history of our city, beginning with commemorations of visionary and inspiring women.
Reason for the Commemorative Public Art Installation
Since Lexington's founding in 1782, Central Kentucky women have advanced the interests of the City of Lexington, as well as the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the nation, and the world. Lexington has long been the birthplace of and the home to many noteworthy women: educators, advocates, entrepreneurs, orators, politicians, philanthropists, writers, artists, scholars, researchers, scientists and health care practitioners. Today, our failure to publicly honor such women obscures our city's and our nation's history and narrows the vision of our youth. The commemorations honoring our women's history would

(1) commend the history of women in their organizations, activities, and accomplishments here in the Lexington-Fayette area;
(2) demonstrate support for women's contributions and the continuing empowerment of all women in our community; and,
(3) serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement to all citizens.

The public art installation is part of the national celebrations in 2020 of the centennial of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, recognizing the right of women to vote. Through November 6th, 2018, Breaking the Bronze Ceiling invites Kentucky residents to submit nominations for women or events in women’s history in and around Lexington that should be considered for future public commemoration. We ask that submitters offer no more than three (3) nominations of an event, person or group important to Lexington's history.

Criteria for Nominations
* Event, person or group must have a significant connection to the Lexington area.

* If an event, it must have happened at least 20 years ago; If a person of significance, that person must no longer be living and must be known for an event, movement or action that took place at least 20 years ago.

* Groups or categories of women, not bound by time, will be taken into consideration (immigrant workers, domestic workers, etc.)

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