Technology Use Policy
Student access to the school’s computers, networks, and internet services is provided for educational purposes and research consistent with the school’s educational mission, curriculum, and instructional goals.

Students are further expected to comply with these rules and all specific instructions from their teacher or other supervising staff member/volunteer when accessing the school’s computers, networks, and Internet services.
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Prohibited Use *
Users are responsible for their actions and activities involving school computers, networks, and internet services, and for their computer files, passwords, and accounts. Examples of unacceptable uses that are expressly prohibited include, but are not limited to, the following: (please place a check mark by EACH example indicating you have read and agree.
No Expectation of Privacy *
The school retains control, custody, and supervision of all computers, networks, and internet services owned and leased by the school. The school reserves the right to monitor all computer and internet activity by students. Students have no expectation of privacy in their use of school computers, including e-mail and stored files.
Compensation for Losses, Costs, and/or Damages *
The student and/or student’s parent/guardian shall be responsible for compensating the school unit for any losses, costs, or damages incurred by the school related to violations of this policy and/or these rules, including investigations of violations.The school assumes no responsibility for any unauthorized charges made by students including, but not limited to, credit card charges, long distance telephone charges, equipment and line costs, or for any illegal use of its computers such as copyright violations.
Student Security *
A student shall not reveal his/her full name, address, or telephone number on the internet without prior permission from a supervising teacher. Students should never meet people they have contacted through the internet without parental permission. Students should inform their supervising teacher if they access information or messages that are dangerous, inappropriate or make them uncomfortable in any way.
System Security *
The security of the school’s computers, networks and internet services is a high priority. Any user who identifies a security problem must notify the principal immediately.
Student/Parental Acknowledgement
Students and their parent/guardian must sign and return the Computer/Internet Access Acknowledgement Form before students can use any school computers. By typing your name below, you are electronically signing this agreement.
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