Simple Downtime Form
Downtimes must be submitted 3 weeks before the next event.  You must have attended the last event to use a DT.

This form is for submitting your Simple downtime (DT) actions.  You CAN use one form to submit MORE THAN ONE simple DT at once. As a rule, a simple DT action normally requires no response from staff other than providing the item, money, or influence in your packet or denoting the learned spell or recipe as appropriate.  If you are submitting a DT that you believe should provide you with a detailed response please use the Complex and Lore Downtime Form.

For *ALL* Lore-based DTs, including both basic/undirected Lore research and directed Lore research, use the Complex and Lore Research Downtime Form.

If you are unsure which to use please take a look at the Downtime Overview page on the main website.  If you are still unsure which to use contact plot staff at
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What is your character's home game? *
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Player Name: *
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This is where staff will send any responses or additional questions.
What is the source of your DT? *
If submitting multiple simple DT, complete one form for each DT. For using your standard simple DT that each player gets just put "Basic".
Category: *
Select the category/categories your DT falls under, for things outside the scope of these choices (such as those used in some special schools or organizations) use the "other" option. If conducting additional DTs of the same category, indicate the additional DT(s) in "other".
Spell/Recipe Learned
If learning a spell or recipe indicate which one(s).
Expected Packet Contents From DT Actions
Indicate what you should receive (if anything) at the next game based off your DTs and any skills used. Ex: 5 p. - Profession, 1 x Economic Influence - Nobility, Hides - Survival.
Comments (Please include Skill/Abilities/Influence used to complete this DT)
Any additional comments you have on your downtime action
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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